Podcasting From IIS Server

Marvin writes, “I have an IIS website that streams audio (.asf files currently). With a �standard� IIS website hosting on Windows 2000, what would be the steps needed to begin podcasting. We would like to offer the audio we currently stream to the podcast market as well. We can convert the audio to any (even multiple) formats, but we don�t quite understand what needs to be set up on our web server to provide the support for podcasting.
Articles seem to cover in detail making the audio file. We have the audio file, but need to set up the rest of the support.”

One of the primary (and often incorrect) assumptions most podcasting tutorials make is that you already have a blog or that you want a blog. With the content management solutions used in blogging come the primary tools required for creating the podcast feed listeners subscribe to. In most cases, this publishing is done automatically without user intervention. While this is perfect for the individual who never had a Website in the first place, it doesn’t always fit with corporate (or non-profit) organizational Web hosting. The good news is, you do not need a blog or blog content management solutions to publish a podcast. Several software applications are designed to handle creating and updating the RSS feed which is the key element of podcast publishing. The key is using a solution that makes managing your feed painless.

Venture Voice

Most of the small businesses that start in any given year fail before that year is out. The reasons for these failures range from undercapitalization, to lack of experience, to poor decision making to not having a clear vision or business plan. Few entrepreneurs create an overnight success the first time. While there’s no way to get experience without actually trying, it is possible to draw on the experience of people who got there first. One great place to hear about the stories of people who are out there doing it Venture Voice, a podcast dedicated to interviewing the founders of small and growing companies, and the venture capitalists willing to fund them. If you’re in the business of running a business or thinking of stepping away from corporate life in favor of the 17-hour days and low wages that make being an entrepreneur such an overwhelming draw, Venture Voice is the podcast you need to subscribe to. It’s also a good place to stay on top of some of the new rising stars of online business. I met Gregory Galant, host of Venture Voice, between sessions at Webzine.

Eliminating Noise from Phone Recordings

Paula writes, “I am doing all of my interviews over the phone. I recorded my first one and couldn�t hear any noise in my headphones but on the playback there are sections of mild to quite loud background fuzz. I have a digital voice recorder called Broadcast Host and a Voice over IP phone line. Anyhow, I was wondering if you might be able to give me some tips on how to remove this fuzz sound?”

The methodology for removing noise from an audio recording varies slightly depending on the software you use, but the principals are very similar. Ideally when you record a phone call or any other recording where you don’t have control over variables like background noise and interference induced by things in your environment like clean power lines and clean phone lines, you want to make a noise profile at the beginning of the recording. This is 5-10 seconds of just letting the recording software run while any environmental sounds are recorded.

Redirecting Your Podcast RSS Feed

After podcasting for a few weeks, you realize your current hosting solution isn’t working out. Maybe you were hosting your own podcast and decided to go with a dedicated service, or maybe you decide you want to continue hosting your audio files, but want better statistics from a service like FeedBurner. When you elect to make a change to the location of the RSS feed for your podcast, you risk alienating subscribers, because the podcast client they subscribed with still has your old URL saved. You need a way to bring those subscribers over to the new location without making them all resubscribe.