File Sharing the Old-Fashioned Way

If the record industry thinks it’s got a problem with file sharing apps, maybe it should be suing the public library system too. Any number of public libraries allow anyone with a card to check out CDs from the general collection, take them home, and then do god knows what with them.
Just think, one CD could be supplying an entire town full of music pirates, with or without Napster, KaZaA, Morpheus, or any of the rest of the file swapping brethren. Heck, an industrious soul could copy the CD checked out from the library, convert the audio files to MP3 format and then share them on the Internet — and a tax payer supported entity will have provided the source.
Am I advocating this kind of copyright infringement? No Way!! I’m merely pointing out another example of how control has been slipping away from the record industry for sometime now.