What ever happened to pop

What ever happened to pop music that spoke of the joy of being in love? From what I’ve heard on the radio and watched on TV over the last 10 years (or possibly longer), the only thing bands ever sing about anymore is heartache and pain when it comes to relationships. Gone are the days of happy songs, from bands like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, praising the sheer euphoria that surrounds falling in love with someone. The only example that even comes close in current pop music is “The Rock Show” by Blink 182.
Heather was the first person to put this idea in my head. Her music collection is filled with upbeat songs about the joy of being in love, which in some way is probably a testament to her admirably optimistic outlook on life. The music I gravitate toward tends to be much darker, which is likely a reflection of the cynicism I’ve carried with me throughout life. I have a great appreciation for happy songs, I just haven’t ever really searched them out.
My curiosity surrounding the disappearance of happy-go-lucky pop tunes became even more aroused on yesterday’s drive from Santa Monica to San Francisco. Steve and I listened to oldies stations for most of the drive, piping happy-in-love music through the rental car’s speakers for song after song. I realize there’s plenty of heartache in the world, which is sometimes easier to dwell on than the jubilant warmth that is love. The band that accurately paints the feelings of young love on a modern canvas is sure to be hit, because ultimately everyone likes to feel happy.