Attack of the Blahs

Crank the SUCK knob to 11 and kick back for 145 minutes of disappointment when you get around to attending Attack of the Clones. It has been quite some time since I’ve seen a movie as disappointing as the latest Star Wars offering. From Uncle Owen not realizing, two movies later, that he has just repurchased a droid that was already his, to Yoda with the kung-fu grip, Lucas really outdid the cheese factor this time around. Not to mention, who really cares about the character development of Boba Fett; what about character development of Anakin Skywalker? Isn’t he the reason these movies are being written?
The movie experience wasn’t a complete bust. Padme Amidala poised to be the strong leader who produces another strong woman in Leia. A Gladiator-style fight sequence uses some great CGI (as does the rest of the movie). And the creators of the clones rank among the best characters in the sidelines of the Star Wars legacy. Overall, there was no real plot to the movie, making it nothing more than a subchapter, designed to close some hole in the overall plot.
Call me a heretic for seeing the man behind the curtain, but this is really an embarrassment to the world born of Lucasfilms.