40 Days and 40 Nights

Josh Hartnett 40 days and 40 nights In 40 Days and 40 Nights, Matt (Josh Hartnett) makes his chosen sacrifice during Lent be to deprive himself of any physical gratitude that might appeal to his attraction to women, in an effort to get over an ex-girlfriend he’s been recklessly trying to forget. After learning of Matt’s resolution, his friends begin betting on how long he’ll last. Things become more complicated when Matt meets Erica (Shannyn Sossamon) at the local laundromat, with the two developing an immediate attraction. Plenty of sophomoric comedy follows, with the bettors trying to trip up Matt’s resolve as Matt and Erica fall deeper in love. While this is a far cry from being a deep story, and much of the comedy is fairly predictable, it makes for entertaining viewing, offering up plenty of laughs for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship. The story is definitely larger than life, presenting caricatures of people we’ve all known at some point in our lives, without really giving us characters anyone can identify with. Most certainly a renter, not a keeper, there’s not even anything meaningful in the commentary track – just mindless blather from people who seem to be dialing in their discussion.

Region 1 Encoding (US and Canada only)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Director and Producer Commentary
Sneak Peak Trailers
Drama – 94min
Rating – (R)
Release Date – 2002