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Each successive release of Webstyle makes building Web pages easier for those of us who prefer to spend our time doing something other than staring at code. Version 4 adds a new Web page object, allowing users to take Webstyle generated graphics and automatically insert them into pages. No more hand coding! Navigational elements, menus, and color schemes are easily transportable across pages, reducing development time even further. Automatic Web photo album generation, combined with built-in photo editing makes creating photo sites a snap for even the most HTML-phobic. DHTML menu building is a standard feature; complete with a number of templates to help you create slick looking menus. Web page themes, including navigation bars, buttons, Web banners, headings, and complete site themes simplify the time it takes to build your own customized site design. Combined, these tools might be the most efficient package for creating a professional looking Web site in a short amount of time. Even if you are a coding expert, Webstyle is so easy to use, it’s great for prototyping. Photo editing continues to function after the trial period expires.