Download FeedDemon
Keeping up with new information at all the Websites I want to frequent is next too impossible. There are just too many of them. Applications like FeedDemon make it easy, allowing me to subscribe to the sites I want to and browse through the information from all the sites at once. Like e-mail, the news is delivered to me as it happens. FeedDemon lets me display the information in a page customized by me. It’s like having my own custom newspaper right on my computer desktop. Built in search functionality makes finding news relevant to your needs a snap. If you need to view a site online, FeedDemon includes built-in browser technology to quickly launch the page you need.
One of FeedDemon’s coolest features is the ability to create custom news watches which scan all of your subscribed feeds for information based on keywords chosen by you. Need to know when one of the 50+ software applications installed on your system gets updated? FeedDemon can download the latest updates from a variety of download sites. Do you work for a company that creates a consumer product? Use FeedDemon to monitor what customers are saying about your products. Invest in stocks? Keep up with the latest news on the companies you invest in. You can even subscribe to this newsletter in FeedDemon by using this URL: http://feeds.jakeludington.com/mediablab.