Garmin Foretrex 201 $143.95

Combining the convenient form factor of the Garmin Forerunner armband units with some of the comprehensive GPS features found in the Geko, this may be the most versatile GPS for those inclined to take weekend trips in the great outdoors. Find your way back to camp after a long hike by marking the location and following GPS “breadcrumbs” on the return with Garmin’s TracBack technology. A 15 hour rechargeable battery makes sure you aren’t left stranded in the woods. Computer connection is available via a serial port. Hunting and fishing info, combined with sun and moon data help determine optimal times for sporting in the outdoors. Timers and navigational mapping are typical of other Garmin models, although the 6-button configuration is easier to navigate than some GPS devices. The only thing this model is lacking to achieve perfection is the calorie data calculated in the Forerunner models.
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