Apple Confidential 2.0 323 pages $13.97

Apple detractors will read this book and conclude Steve Jobs in an arrogant jackass. Apple fanatics will read this book and conclude Steve Jobs is the second coming of, well, Steve Jobs. Both might be correct. Do you know which Atari game was written by Apple’s co-founders? Do you know why the Apple II ceased to exist? Who really “fathered” the Mac (it wasn’t Jobs). This tell-all style book is part Apple history lesson, part Hollywood-tell-all, and I’m fairly certain everything is true. Author Owen W. Linzmayer is a 20-year veteran of the Apple news beat, having written several other books on Apple, as well as contributing articles to all the various Apple-centric magazines. If you’ve ever been curious about corporate culture, this is a great behind the scenes look at one of the most culturally rebellious companies in computing history.
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