Thank You Mister Wirtz

Brandon is explaining in great detail exactly why consumers *should* record all their movies in HD instead of standard DV. Why is he doing this? I’m not sure. As the self-proclaimed HD nazi, he makes it clear HD moviemaking should be limited to an experienced few, not we heathens with no creative vision outside of recording a child’s birthday party. And yet his demonstration makes even the novice drool over better colors and great image clarity.

Compare the colors and exceptional detail of Brandon’s HD-quality example to the comparatively washed out DV stills further down. There is no comparison. The DV looks like crap compared to HD. Consumers need this technology and they need it yesterday.

We might not need to output our final movie projects as HD. It will probably be several years before sharing movies with grandma on DVD doesn’t require buying the DVD player for grandma first. For most, buying grandma an HD television and decoder is out of the question. So what? Render the output at a lower quality level, while keeping a high definition original as an archive of the events. When the time comes to output at a higher quality level, the raw video is ready to go, recorded in HD and ready for me to encode it in the latest movie formats. If I start with a lower quality video, I’ll never get the colors and clarity of HD when I’m ready for the highest quality of output.

Thank you Brandon, for solidifying my position–everyone needs a high definition digital video camera. And we need it now!