Rudeo Control for Windows Media Player 9

Wireless enabled Pocket PC devices serve a greater purpose than checking email while locking yourself in the loo. To get full functionality from your home network, using your Pocket PC as a remote to control Windows Media Player 9 is a must. Rudeo Control lets you do everything you would normally do from Windows Media Player on your PC. Manage playlists, que up songs, fast-forward to any point in a song by sliding the progress bar, shuffle songs, and even change visualizations on the fly. Rudeo Control stores media library data on your Pocket PC, so you don’t need to wait for updates from the player on the PC. Hardware keys act as volume controls or for switching tracks. This is great for being the DJ at gatherings or when you just feel too lazy to get off the couch. [Pocket PC 2002/2003 $19.95]