The Ultimate Palm Robot

Pages: 285
ISBN: 0072228806
Price: $20.39
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Palm Robot Before I wised up and started selling my consumer gadgets on eBay as soon as I decided to upgrade, I was the proud owner of a Palm III. Thanks to major improvements, like rechargeable batteries, color screens, and more memory; I’m still a proud owner of a Palm III. I could sell the Palm PDA on eBay for about $20, but the hassle of shipping and listing fees hardly seems worth it. Instead, I’m giving my old Palm the ultimate upgrade. I’m turning it into a robot. With instructions provided in this book, I’m completing the steps required to transform my old Palm from dust collector into the brain of a highly mobile, programmable, machine. The parts are readily available online, and the skill required to build the robot is minimal. This is a great project for kids, gadget junkies, or anyone who just wants to experiment with electronics.