Comic Book The Movie 2003 (PG-13)

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Released in 2003, this is possibly one of the best underground films ever released on the Miramax label. Mark Hamill directs and stars as a high school teacher and world’s foremost expert on the Commander Courage comic book. Hamill’s character, Donald Swan is hired by a movie production house to consult on their upcoming Commander Courage movie, joining the film producers on an adventure to the largest comic book convention in the U.S. Hamill is absolutely hilarious, he’s obviously studied many of the fans from Star Wars conventions past, as he blends in as Donald Swan almost too perfectly. Swan comes off as both naive and genuine, at times making you forget Comic Book is staged and not a true documentary. The movie stars many movie and comic book heroes (of the writer/artist variety), which makes viewing a treat on many levels. Tons of bonus material, including interviews with Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner, make this a must have addition to any geeks collection of DVDs.