Child Safe Home Office

As I mentioned in the previous issue, I’m getting married on June 6. Many of you asked what the significance of the date happens to be. History might dictate a reference to the anniversary of D-day, symbolically signifying a turning point in my life. Or for those jokers out there, the beginning of the end, the explanation is quite simple. June 6 is the anniversary of our first date.
In a way, June 6 signifies my declaration of undying loyalty to two individuals. As I mentioned before, Robin has a son who is now going on three. Wyatt and I have spent a great deal of time getting acquainted over the time leading up to our becoming a family. He managed to break my string of 29 years and counting without changing a diaper. I’ve had the great joy of watching him discover the world around him, while teaching him a few things along the way (I’m definitely looking forward to actively watching Wyatt continue to grow). Wyatt also made me recognize my home office needed quite a few changes.
At the time I met Robin, I hadn’t really planned on small children spending any time at my apartment. My brother’s son made the occasional visit, but my apartment was the functional equivalent of an office with a bed, so I didn’t do any entertaining. Within the first few visits to my apartment, Wyatt helped me find numerous aspects of my office that lacked any level of child safety.
Initially, I concentrated on obvious things, by eliminating anything with the potential to put Wyatt in physical danger. After he mangled some fairly important contract papers I left within toddler reach, I realized I needed to completely overhaul my work space.
Based on the past year of learning how to make working from home co-exist with a small child to create a functional and effective working environment, my latest ebook is titled Creating a Child Safe Home Office. I’ve made most of the mistakes already, so if you are planning on working from home, this guide provides a solid road map for creating a safe environment for work and children to exist in harmony.
Make your home office safer with
Creating a Child Safe Home Office.