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I’m personally a huge advocate of communicating with your kids about what they may or may not see on the Internet. Inflicting a military state by locking down anything and everything and then spying on your child with logging software isn’t an ideal way to establish a foundation of trust. Having said that, plenty of nasties abound on the Internet. A combination of open communication and logging software can be an effective way to all kids the freedom to explore, while keeping a record of events, just in case trouble is encountered. Kidisafe provides a formidable solution for keeping track of your child’s online adventures, logging Internet time by tracking email, instant messaging sessions, Web sites visited, and recording screen captures of applications used during the course of online time. Let kids know you are recording what they are doing, so if something harmful pops up, you can help them deal with whatever it may be. You do your best to protect kids in the offline world, help them stay safe in the connected universe too. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $29.95]