David Zollo

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David Zollo is a countrified rock and roll keyboardist with a great backing band. They’re often classified as alt-country, which I suppose is all right, except that Dave’s songs defy the strict boundaries of any particular genre. There is certainly a country influence present in the music, but there is also plenty of rock and blues as well. They sound something like the Black Crowes playing ragtime piano with a hefty dose of the old Rolling Stones swagger thrown in for good measure. Ripping slide guitar solos and fancy fretwork are held up by a steady backbeat of tasteful drum and bass work, and Dave is blessed with a voice both rough and sweet. His keyboard skills are featured throughout, and are a pleasure to hear. Jake invited the band to play at his reception, and they put on a wonderful show that seemed to appeal to everyone – including Jake’s uncle, who generally disdains any sort of modern music. You can get a preview of what they sound like on iTunes or check out the steady-cam clip from the reception. [Mathew Brady]