Wireless Steadycam

The past week has been eventful in this Ludington’s household. After recovering from the preparation leading up to Jake’s wedding and the wedding itself, we celebrated by taking our son to his first theatrical movie- Shrek 2. While probably not a big deal to most people, as a film lover it was difficult to determine if Shrek 2 was actually worthy of such an “important” event. In the end, I decided that it was more important to have an enjoyable time as a family than to pick an Oscar caliber film. I guess lots of other people felt that way too- I noticed today that Shrek passed Finding Nemo to become the top grossing animated film in history in three short weeks.

After that small bit of family fun, I spent the rest of my week in a not-so-fairytale adventure.

Writing. Re-writing. Re-re-writing.

I certainly have a new respect for what Jake undertakes with each issue he puts together. Even with the assistance provided by Mathew on this issue, I’ve spent more time than I could’ve imagined compiling content for (I hope) your reading pleasure. I was reminded of two things over the course of last week.

1. My older brother works extremely hard to provide interesting content.
2. Writing is a skill that takes a lot of practice (and I am sorely out of practice).

If you think about it this week, take some time to congratulate Jake on his happy new life with Robin (if you haven’t already), and thank him for his dedication to this newsletter. He certainly deserves any praise you decide to throw his way.

I said in the last issue that this one would be themed with Jake’s wedding. This will prove to be only partially true. I decided to retreat a little bit so Jake can say as much or as little about it as he wants when he returns. Mathew has covered a couple of the things that we found fun while sharing in Jake’s big day. Enjoy.

Paul Ludington