Step Into Liquid

I’ve never been surfing in my life, but I’ve always wanted to learn. Step Into Liquid takes you on a surfing adventure from the giant waves off the shores of Hawaii, to cold-water surfing in Ireland, to California beaches, to lake surfing in Wisconsin.

Step Into Liquid movie poster art

Viewing is available in both standard DVD format, and the Windows Media HD format; no viewing screen is too large for the amazing clarity of the HD waves. 5.1 Surround Sound provides sonic enhancement on par with pouring the ocean in your living room. For the surfing curious, video surf lessons explain the basics, coupled with additional documentary footage on making a surfboard. When the weather’s no good for ocean surfing, the included full version of Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer provides an entertaining diversion in an ocean where there’s never a bad wave. 3D fly-through video of surfing locales is worth several viewings to get the full effect.

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