Book Release

The author copies of Easy Digital Home Movies showed up in today’s mail. Amazon is still taking pre-orders until the physical copies hit their warehouse. At the moment, they have the cheapest online price, at $13.99, which in my opinion is a steal. Of course, I wrote the book, so I’m more than a little biased. I’m not sure if the pre-order price will remain valid once Amazon gets their physical inventory, so you may be able to save a few bucks by ordering your copy ahead of time.
My next book project is slated to be a collection of digital media how-to information, with a publisher yet to be determined. I’ve got a solid list of tips compiled, but I’m still digging around for more questions people are dying to have answered. If you’ve got a question about digital photography, video editing, or PC audio, send it my way (by clicking the sidebar feedback link) and I’ll answer it here. If I include your question in the book, I’ll mention your name in the acknowledgements.
I installed the Microsoft Digital Image Suite on my system this week. I haven’t tried the editing features out yet because I’ve been too busy adding keyword information to my photos to improve organization and searching. Microsoft’s Digital Image Library 9 may be my new favorite photo tool. It doesn’t do any editing, but organizing photos using keyword information is amazing. Instead of digging around the thousands of photos on my machine, I can perform a search for specific criteria and quickly track down the picture I’m looking for. A find similar tool works disturbingly well. The library also integrates with Photo Story (part of the Digital Media Plus! pack), which is something every Windows XP user should install on their system.