Rush Hour Spanish

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Berlitz Rush Hour SpanishI’ve been struggling to find something that will motivate me to learn Spanish. Clear back in grade school I attended a summer language program taught by Drake University students. I remember a surprising number of words, but I can’t string a sentence together to accomplish useful communication. I’ve tried a variety of learning methods, including a DVD series and several textbook/CD combinations, but nothing holds my attention well. When I discovered this CD set at Borders (it’s cheaper from Amazon), I was skeptical. Musical learning seemed a little corny to me. I was right, the music is a little corny, but man does it ever work. I’m picking up words and phrases amazingly well. This is the best beginner language course I’ve ever tried. If you’ve been thinking about learning a language and hesitated because the process seemed boring or frustrating; try one of the titles from the Berlitz Rush Hour series.