Speed (2004) NR

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SpeedAt a mere 30 minutes in length, the title of this DVD would seem to convey more about the runtime than the content. What’s packed into the half hour set is some of the greatest footage of the history of modern propulsion systems. From bicycles, to funny cars, to super sonic jets, the cinematography is simply amazing. I’m of course referring to the WMVHD version contained in this double disk set. Don’t get me wrong, listening to the engines roar in 5.1 surround is certainly a thrill in any format, but seeing the clarity of the images projected in high definition is a site to behold. No HD ready television is required to cruise this visual thrill ride; the WMHD version plays in your Windows Media 9 Series Player. If you haven’t found a reason to get excited about the potential of HD content; this DVD will win you over.