Chris Robinson & New Earth Mud

As the Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson brought the 1990s a series of vocal performances resonating with 1970s influence from the Allman Brothers, to Sticky Fingers-era Rolling Stones, to Neal Young (among others), bringing them all together in a style completely his own. A solo effort in 2002 showcased joy-of-life folk ballads mixed with classic Southern gospel energy. The latest Chris Robinson and New Earth Mud release, This Magnificent Distance, continues to deliver compelling songs with introspective, thought provoking lyrics set against the backdrop of a seemingly Grateful Dead inspired mix of eclectic influences. While the Black Crowes were successful in part because of the music industry machine, Robinson’s continued success is in large part due to a dedicated fan base and appearances at latter day Woodstock events like the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In addition to two albums of new material, live performances include a prolific assortment of Robinson favorites by many influential artists. Consider the band site an official jumping off point to literally hundreds of music downloads, thanks to a very liberal policy regarding taping.