Nyko AirFlo Game Controller

Nyko Air Flo game controller Borrowing heavily from the winning PS2 design, Nyko’s Air Flo controller offers 13 configurable buttons in a configuration any Sony gamer will immediate feel at home using. What makes the Air Flo unique is a built-in fan and venting system designed to keep sweaty palms cool as you defeat alien hordes or drive the lane in a basketball showdown. While the fans seem like a silly gimmick, I can attest to their functionality. High and low fan settings provide the comfort you need, with an option to turn the fans off if you aren’t sweating. I haven’t been this excited about a gaming add-on since the introduction of force feedback headphones at Comdex 2000. Air Flo controllers for Xbox and PS2 are also available, as well as a mouse with built-in hand-drying fan.
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