Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

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Search Engine Optimization for DummiesThe best Website on the Internet won’t have many visitors if the search engines don’t know it exists. While some claim search engine optimization is a black art akin to voodoo, I’m inclined to believe it consists of achievable success provided by a healthy dose of common sense. Where do you find the formula for driving thousands of rabid visitors to your virtual oasis in the bleak desert of Web noise? Search Engine Optimization for Dummies is a sensible starting point. The book starts with a search engine makeover designed to make your pages the Google spider’s best friend. With a healthy dose of keyword customization and sage advice on getting people to link to your site, SEO for Dummies exposes the so-called secrets to raising your site from the Internet basement to the executive boardroom. The single most important chapter in the book is probably the one with pointers on content creation. No amount of optimization will matter if you don’t have anything compelling on your site. I’m no optimization expert yet, but a thorough scan of SEO for Dummies is certainly changing my thinking about Website authoring.