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Spyware continues to be the biggest annoyance we face in the online world. Drive-by downloads of random browser hijackers, malicious keylogging applications, and numerous other frustrations induce a constant state of user paranoia. Spyware Doctor relieves the stress, actively monitoring your system with its OnGuard technology, automatically preventing infections before they happen. Live updates keep your system armed with the latest anti-spyware data, further preventing hostile takeover of your computing environment. Quarantine similar to the kind found in antivirus products blocks suspicious files while providing a convenient restore feature (just in case you actually needed something the application blocked). Spyware Doctor does not inaccurately recommend removal of operating system components and legitimate applications, preventing the accidental meltdown of key system functionality caused by several competing products. Combine this great protection with an outstanding UI and by far the fastest scanning in the category; Spyware Doctor should be the protection of choice for most systems.