Life 2.0 320pages July, 2004

Author: Rich Karlgaard
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 1400046076
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Life 2.0 Part memoir of a man learning to fly, part search for success in the post economy, Life 2.0 takes a look at what and where success may be found in the new millennium. Through his travels by single engine plane, Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard navigates the new face of the American business climate. While the memoir occasionally gets in the way of the reporting, Karlgaard’s voice is compelling and the success stories he finds are entrepreneurs uprooted from the hustle and bustle of major economic hubs planted firmly in Middle America, where they are finding greater happiness and financial success. I find the book of particular interest because Des Moines is among the many places listed in the book as potential boom towns. Of particular interest to anyone looking for a change of scenery is the list of 150 cheap places to live.