Transferring MiniDisk Audio to a PC

Jens asks, “My Mini Disk recorder doesn’t have a way for me to transfer files to my hard drive. How can I get audio recorded with my Mini Disk recorder to my PC?”

Most of the Sony MiniDisc players do not offer a convenient method for transferring files from the player to a PC hard drive. While there are MiniDisc players capable of transferring files directly to your PC, they are expensive and probably unnecessary for most applications. The most cost effective way to get audio from a mini disk player to your hard drive is to transfer it via the Line In jack on your sound card. To do this, get a cable with 1/8-inch male mini plugs at both ends. Connect one end of the cable to the headphone out jack on your MiniDisc player. Connect the other end of the cable to the Line In on your sound card. Use an audio recording application like Audacity to record the audio as you play it into your PC.