Copernic Desktop Search

Quickly finding information on your PC using the Window XP built in search tools is just not the reality it should be. Even with indexing turned on, you either need a very narrow idea of where the file might be located or you need the patience to wait for a search through the entire file system. Several third-party tools offer to assist in file searches, at the expense of slowing your system to a crawl and lightening you wallet by quiet a few dollars. Copernic Desktop Search offers a great balance between the for-fee search tools and the native Windows XP search. Search is quickly available, with an imbedded search box right in the windows taskbar, so there’s no need to launch Windows Explorer just to find your files. An index of all relevant files on your system updates while your system is idle, so you get the latest results, without the performance hit of indexing during active computing. Outlook and Outlook Express emails are automatically indexed as they arrive and new files get indexed as soon as you save them to the hard drive. Smart searching looks for information inside your files, not wasting time with searching through core operating system components, which is a key slowdown in the Windows XP search. Copernic managed to make the system robust, keeping the index from accidentally getting corrupted due to a data overload. If any file type isn’t indexed by default, you can add the file type to customize Desktop Search to fit your needs. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]
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