Download Audials Tunebite
As fast as the recording industry finds new ways to lock down music files and prevent us from copying them, smart technologists are finding loopholes in the system. While some of the loophole creators may find themselves headed for extinction by way of litigation, tunebite seems to have found a legit way to copy protected music.
Instead of cracking any code, tunebite runs in the background and re-records the songs as the music is played on your system’s sound card. Granted, this is no lightning quick way to convert a large library of copy-protected songs, but it certainly frees DRM’d music from the fetters of format lockdown. Recorded music is stored in OGG or MP3 formats, which wouldn’t be my top format choices, but it certainly opens up an alternative for the music shopper who wants to play a DRM’d WMA file on a Mac, for instance.