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SurfSaver is the ultimate companion to the Google Toolbar. Having Google just a mouse-click away is nice, but how do you keep track of all the information you accumulate through searching? SurfSaver creates a searchable hierarchy of stored pages, making it easy to quickly recall important Web destinations. Favorites might keep track of some pages, but finding anything in the Favorites list becomes a challenge as the list grows. Surf Saver quickly stores top level pages from your search or drills down to capture multiple sub-pages and links from a main site listing. Add specific keywords and notes about a page to further simplify information recall. SurfSaver isn’t limited to saving Web pages; it also stores photos and PDF files, making it an excellent tool for cataloging images related to searches or white papers and ebooks for research and tutorials. When you perform a Google search for key information, store the search in SurfSaver for easy recall, so you never need to duplicate your efforts again. SurfSaver is your browser’s best friend.