Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies

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Cleaning Windows XP Keeping Windows XP free of excess junk, spyware, viruses, adware, and potentially bloating information left behind by no longer used files and applications can be a full time job if you let it. Allen Wyatt clearly outlines all the necessary tricks to eliminate system cruft, optimize performance, and protect your PC from malicious programs. Going far beyond the basics of running anti-spyware and antivirus applications, Wyatt points out the many niches of Windows XP where leftovers pile up, personal information gets left behind and data leaves a mess of your PC as cluttered as my physical desk is after my cats tear across the desktop. You’ll learn the how and why of cleaning the Windows Registry, how to optimize networking, how to make XP SP2 security features work for you, and discover many of the troubleshooting areas where things are most likely to slow down. Clear, concise, and extremely relevant, Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies should be at the ready for every Windows XP owner. I picked up a few pointers just skimming through the book and managed to dig up several more useful tidbits after a more thorough examination. If you want to make sure your system is running at optimal speed, junk free and safe from potentially malicious apps, I highly recommend ordering a copy of this guide.