Creative Zen Micro

Pretty colors aren’t my motivation for buying any gadget. If the features rock, I’ll buy a gadget in almost any shade. I’m admittedly disinclined to own anything in a shade of pink, no matter how cool its features are, but for the right gadget, I might make an exception. The Creative Zen Micro is taking a very obvious aim at the same crowd who might purchase an iPod Mini. Looking beyond the exterior, the Zen Micro is a great little gadget. 5GB of storage gives it 25% more storage capacity than iPod Mini. It weighs a mere 3.8 ounces. Beyond the very functional navigation of songs, the Zen Micro also includes an FM tuner, 8 preset equalizer configurations, a clock radio, and 10 hours of recording via the built-in microphone. The buttons are backlit with a blue glow for easy navigation in the dark and sized for easy navigation for people of all finger sizes. At 2×0.7×3.3 the Zen Micro is 0.2 inches thicker than the iPod Mini and 0.3 inches shorter. If you want to make a fashion statement with your portable player and have a wide range of music store options, the Creative Zen Micro is currently your best bet.