Download the free preview of DivXtoDVD

With the insane popularity of DivX, it only makes sense someone would make an app specifically designed to convert the files to DVD burnable formats. Few consumer DVD players support the DivX format directly, although the list of available hardware options is growing. Most DVD authoring apps do not natively support DivX, so you need to convert the files prior to burning a DVD. Still in the early stages of development, DivxtoDVD appears to have a promising future. Currently the app allows previews of the video during conversion, forced aspect ratio sizing, support for additional formats, including MPEG, DivX, XviD, MOV, WMV, and AVI. The app supports both PAL and NTSC. Keep in mind, this is still beta software, so it may occasionally crash. One key feature the free preview version supports is the ability to automatically burn the finished DVD file using VSO’s CopytoDVD. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]