Alparysoft Cleaner for Amateur Video

Video noise occurs while recording, transmitting or re-recording video to different storage media or file types, deteriorating the quality of the original movie. Alparysoft Cleaner removes the interlace effect from video and reduces noise levels. In most cases using the denoising and deinterlacing filters improves the quality of videos. Alparysoft Cleaner interlace removal uses the MPEG video compression algorithm to locate missing image data in video files and replace it, which provides a better interlace removal than most apps, without the loss of video information associated with typical interlace removal. The denoising process reduces video noise, making it easier to get better compression from your video later when you save the files for the Web. This app can’t make bad video look good, but it certainly helps correct some common mistakes made in the video transfer process. Uncompressed AVI format video is the only supported file type for the Amatuer version of the cleaning tools. Alparysoft also offers plugin versions of the denoising and deinterlacing for Ulead, Adobe, and VirtualDub video editing applications. [Windows 9x/2k/XP]