An ongoing frustration for those of us with DVDs is we want to covert for the small screens of Pocket PCs and Portable Media Centers. Several software solutions exist, but most result in pixilated images and less than adequate audio. I came up with a do-it-yourself DVD to PMC method that works, without spending any money, but requires several software apps and a fair amount of swearing. Last week someone whispered a magic word at dinner—CarryDVD. The app doesn’t sport the prettiest interface on the planet, but it converts DVDs to WMV better than any other all-in-one solution and offers none of the frustrations of using my hack. Just pop a DVD in the drive, choose the output profile you want, and let CarryDVD work its magic. If you are converting a widescreen movie, the image may look slightly distorted, so I’d steer clear and use the DIY method until the developer gets that fixed. You can insert your own custom encoding profiles by simply dropping them in the application’s Program Files folder. All said, this app is the best $25.00 I’ve spent all year. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $24.99]

CarryDVD screenshot