Download AVIcodec

With the myriad of video and audio formats available, it’s hard to know which codec is required to play which file. Just because a video has the .AVI file extension, doesn’t mean you’ve got the necessary video decoder to play it back. With AVIcodec, you can find out which codecs are installed on your PC and export the list as a CSV file for use in Excel or as plain text so you can provide the details to a tech support pro. AVIcodec goes further to identify which codec is required for individual media apps on your system and will point you to the site where the codec may be downloaded whenever possible. The ap is currently available in 12 languages. If you’ve ever downloaded a movie or song, only to find out you can’t play it, this app will put an end to your frustration. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]

AVIcode screenshot