Star Wars Luke Skywalker Universal Remote Control
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An Jedi worth his lightsaber shouldn’t need a universal remote to control such mundane devices as those found in the average home theater system, but just in case you’re house is stuck in a distortion field, this replica of Luke’s weapon of choice should help you maintain your mastery over cable television and your music collection. Auto search for TV and VCR codes makes it seem like the force is with you as long as the 4-AA batteries have juice. A memory retention feature should keep the saber from resetting, even when the batteries are being changed. And for some crazy reason, the sites offering this gadget seem to think that a “Special consumer Toll Free Hotline for technical support” is an important feature. If you’re a Star Wars junky looking for an early holiday gift for yourself or an understanding spouse with a hard to shop for Wookie, this might be the perfect stocking stuffer. Make sure you do some online price comparison – I found prices that varied as much as $30 when seeking this thing out online.