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I’ve tried several free Windows desktop applications for cataloging my movies and everything comes up lacking. With a large volume of movies, I don’t want to browse lists of search terms or enter things manually. All of the free tools I tried failed to recognize almost 99% of the foreign films I searched for. I still haven’t found a Windows solution as nice as the one Mac user’s get in the amazing Library app, which lets you scan barcodes on the back of your stuff using a Webcam, making the catalog process quick and painless. Movie Collector comes close to offering this level of performance, offering the option to manually enter ISBN numbers from DVD barcodes or via a barcode scanner like the now extinct Cue Cat. The Movie Collector is quite complete, finding every movie I tried. It also does a great job cataloging movies I’m storing as digital files, including a categorization by file type. Sorting data works for any field, including title, director, genre, year, or actor. Data is exportable to HTML or XML, which I personally like, because I’m in the process of customizing a Web based solution to track all the movies I’ve watched. Listing features come close to the OS X Library app, with the ability to sort movies by boxshot image, although it doesn’t look quite as clean. A loan tracker reminds you who borrowed your titles and print outs make it easy to keep a list for insurance purposes.