Why Won’t Burned DVDs Play in my DVD Player?

I have tried dozens of programs for burning DVDs and CDs and they all will burn a disc that runs on my computer but what do I have to do to get these burned discs to play on my set top DVD player. The DVD writer I have is for DVD+R. I have been told that the burner does not matter. What program or steps do I have to use or go through to get my disc to play on my home DVD player?
There are a number of possibilities why a burned disc might not play in a set top DVD player. The most common possibility is the burned disc isn’t compatible with your player. Depending on how old the set top DVD player is and what model it is, it may be incompatible with all burned discs, or incompatible specifically with DVD+R discs. Before you conclude your burner is incapable of creating discs compatible with your player, make sure you are using DVD+R discs and not DVD+RW discs. While most players currently support DVD-R and DVD+R media, many players still do not support the RW re-writable discs. Once you verify the discs are DVD+R and not RW, you can probably assume your DVD player is incompatible with disc burned in your DVD burner.
At this point, your best option is probably to purchase a new DVD player. There are numerous set top DVD players capable of playing burned discs of both the DVD+R and DVD-R variety for under $100. I picked up a CyberHome model with component outputs for about $50; it plays DVDs that none of the other players in my house would play.

If you are currently considering purchasing a DVD burner, one of the important things you need to consider when buying is compatibility with your current equipment and compatibility with the DVD players of anyone you might burn discs for. While most DVD players released in the last 18 months will support all burned discs, DVD-R format remains the most widely compatible DVD burning format. It was the first burned format supported by set top DVD players and continues to be supported by the widest range of models. There is essentially no difference in price between DVD+R and DVD-R discs, so cost consideration for media is negligible.