Viosport Adventure Cam 3

Viosport Helmet Cam

While I’m not what you would call extremely sporty, having one of these extreme sports cams would be a cool addition to a home video arsenal. Designed to provide first-person point-of-view in situations ranging from cycling, to snowboarding, to motorcycling or snowmobiling, there are many other situations where having a mountable camera might come in handy.
Duck tape one of these cams to your car bumper for a road test, mount the cam in your hat for man-on-the-street interviews, or connect it to a pets collar for a dog’s-eye-view. 72.5 degree field of view, 811×508 pixel resolution, and a 1/3″ Sony Ex-view CCD (compared to the standard 1/6″ CCD in a standard 1-chip digital video camera) make this a serious tool for both consumer and prosumer applications. Filters are available for blocking various types of light. A wide assortment of mounting devices and extension cables are also available at reasonable prices. This is the perfect lens for low-budget guerilla video of all types. A recording device is also required for capturing footage.