CTube! Watch Internet TV


CTube! boasts over 1500 channels, which is more television than anyone could ever watch. Channels feature a variety of content, including music videos, international news, regional news, sports, movies, talk shows, government programming, and almost anything else you might expect from cable or satellite television. A very cool search feature finds video content based on criteria you type in. For instance, if you want to see a recent TV appearance by George Bush, type his name in the search and CTube! returns a list of results. CTube! plays Windows Media, Real and Nullsoft Video formats. Sort content a variety of ways, including by genre and by quality of the stream. Unlike cable providers, CTube! requires no subscription fees and no additional hardware is required to use CTube! With a database of over 2 million videos and 1500 channels, there’s always something new to watch. Be warned, some of the content available through CTube! is not suitable for children. If you prefer to avoid potentially offensive content, turn on the password protected filter and it all goes away. When there’s nothing on the idiot box, use CTube! to as your Internet vidiot box. Order before January 1, 2005 to save 20%