iPod & iTunes Hacks

Author: Hadley Stern
456 pages
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
ISBN: 0-596-00778-7

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iPod & iTunes Hacks As an iPod owner and fan, I am continually searching for cool new ways to use my iPod. I thought I was pretty cutting edge using it for voice recording, photo storage, and viewing driving directions. After reading iPod & iTunes Hacks I realized I could do things I never dreamed of trying. The book takes its “hacks” genre seriously and provides instructions on things iPods and iTunes were never meant to do. Want to dial a phone with your iPod? How about using your iPod as a universal remote control? These are a couple of the tricks that you can learn. Fortunately for more practically minded readers, the book doesn’t focus only on extreme hacks. It also explains more common concerns like downloading songs from your iPod to your computer, replacing the battery on your iPod, and making smart playlists in iTunes. I should note that while the book is multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), Mac users will get the most from the book with tips throughout and an entire chapter on using AppleScript with iTunes. [Paul Ludington]