Download Celestia

Real-time simulation of known space brings the universe to your desktop in 3D. Travel through the solar system watching planetary changes in real time or at accelerated speeds. Adjust star visibility to focus in on specific celestial bodies. Travel to other solar systems and examine planetary activities. Planets are synchronized in real time with current clock or may simulate rotational patterns in the past. Most controls are mapped to keyboard shortcuts making it easy to navigate galaxies without the interruption of dialog boxes. Record AVI movies of planets or screen captures useable in any video editing application or as wallpaper for your desktop respectively. This is one app you’ll want to view the built-in demo to get a full understanding of all potential features. Whether you have a personal interest in space or want to teach your kids, Celestia is a comprehensive look at planetary systems, stars, asteroids, and other bodies beyond the reach of life on the third rock from Sol. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]