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Combining a home theater PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition or Beyond TV with an HDTV is an awesome opportunity to bring high definition content, games, or even your Windows desktop into a whole new visual experience. If you’ve ever seen the Step Into Liquid IMAX film on a killer HD system, you know exactly what I mean. Depending on the video card in your PC, you may face a challenge in being able to translate HD resolutions from your PC to the screen, especially if your PC lacks a DVI video connection. Enter PowerStrip, an app designed to enable custom resolutions for video cards that are otherwise limited in their ability to display specific resolutions. Hardware level control over monitor refresh rates adds a layer of precision too (although for HDTV uses, 60Hz refresh is what you’ll need). Custom profiling automatically detects which programs are running, making on-the-fly adjustments to your monitor both on application launch and when you close the application down again. Even if you never connect your PC to an HDTV, the level of precision control PowerStrip affords for making video display tweaks is almost priceless. [Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP]