Sony HDR-FX1

On a discussion list I actively participate in several debates erupted over the potential hazards of HD video cameras reaching a price point where consumers might seriously consider replacing there home movie camera with a high definition unit. The attractiveness of your relatives being inversely proportional to the level of detail presented by the camera means we will all be examining flaws with a Lilliputian eye. In other words, no more hiding those blemishes behind a little cover-up; the cosmetic coating will stand out loud and clear. On the other hand, budget pricing could turn every kid on the block into a wannabe Discovery channel adventurer with the ability to capture mating grasshoppers at a level reserved for corporate equipment buyers. Sony is rapidly bringing prices down into the enthusiast range. The HDR-FX1 isn’t priced for home users, but it may mean seeing the Bride walking down the aisle at 1080i before too much longer. The camera offers true 16×9 aspect ratio at 1080i and does it with 3CCDs, unlike most of the “budget-priced” HD cams which only have 1CCD. Digital Media Thoughts offers an excellent in depth look at this great new Sony HD cam.
Digital Media Thoughts Review of Sony HDR-FX1