Curb Your Enthusiasm – The Complete Third Season

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The third season of HBO�s Curb Your Enthusiasm continues to chronicle the petulant behavior of Larry David, formerly of Seinfeld fame. While the show is fictional, Larry plays himself and probably not far from the cuff. Cheryl Hines performs superbly as his wife, and makes a great foil for his absurd and irascible antics. The show is profane and yet terribly amusing, filled with a cast of characters that are only slightly less cynical and selfish than Larry himself. Each episode finds Larry in a compromising situation, usually of his own making, and often ends with Larry swallowing his pride, or making the situation worse. Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry�s agent, and comedian Richard Lewis are excellent compatriots, and often provide negative reinforcement for Larry�s poor decisions. The episodes are the best part of this DVD set, which also includes a �Stop and Chat� feature and favorite scenes from the cast and crew. [Mathew Brady]