Portable video is one of hottest trends in handheld gadgets. Two things currently hold the market back for massive adoption of hard disk based portable video players: price and screen size. Prices aren’t going to come down much until we see larger numbers of people buying portable video players, but comparing them against the largest iPod and iRiver players, the price is right in line. I’m perfectly willing to live with the 3.8-inch screen on my Creative Zen Portable Media Center, but many people complain about the screen size when compared to portable DVD players currently on the market at lower prices. Enter the DVX-POD, with a 6.5″ viewable surface capable of storing 20GB of video in DivX, WMV or QuickTime MP4. A purported 12 hour battery life, MPEG-4 video recording and A/V outputs makes the DVX-POD seem like the ideal solution for portable video. Jason Dunn weighs in with his hands-on take.

“The DVX-POD was one of the most hotly anticipated media players of 2004:
huge, high-resolution screen, support for almost every type of media under the sun, and a stunning, Apple-esque design. When I was sent a loaner unit in October, I had high hopes for it. In some ways it delivered, but in many key areas it fell brutally short. Read on to see why.”

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