Download Firefly

VoIP doesn’t need to be a replacement for your phone line (although it certainly can be), it can merely extend your reach to people outside your affordable calling range. Softphones make it possible to call people in other countries without incurring the charges associated with long distance. Firefly hasn’t gotten the same buzz as Skype, but in my opinion it’s better. Like Skype, Firefly does user to user calls by assigning a user ID and adding contacts to your calling list. Firefly offers built-in voicemail for people to leave you messages when you’re not online. A music on hold feature if you need to put on caller on hold while talking to someone else. If you have access to a VoIP PBX system, like Asterisk server, you can connect to both the Firefly network and the PBX. Call recording is as simple as recording everything from your soundcard (What you hear, in Creative speak). The interface is fully skinnable and the phone supports multiple callers simultaneously. It also supports add-on phone hardware for your PC. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]