Boom Bags

I’m currently search for a good set of compact speakers for playback from a table when the radio show hits the tradeshow circuit this year. The speakers need to be durable enough to travel and small enough to not add substantial size to the already full bag of audio hardware that accompanies me everywhere. While I’m sure this bag isn’t the solution I’m looking for, the spacious case and built-in speakers certainly could function as a tool for projecting the voiceover of a PowerPoint dog-and-pony road show. Built in pre-amp with microphone input, 2 5-Watts speakers and an 8-watts sub-woofer make this as good as many PC speaker setups with the convenience of a built-in carrying case. The $275 price tag makes it a little steep, but if you’re looking for portable audio convenience for board room presentations, the quirkiness of the selling-from-a-suitcase presentation just might baffle a few buffoons into buying what you’re selling.