Run Time: 153min
Director: Taylor Hackford
Starring: Jamie Foxx
DVD Release: 2004

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RayRay is a biopic detailing the rise of the legendary Ray Charles. This film is elegant and captures the look of the fifties and sixties beautifully. Old jazz clubs are rendered full of smoky charm and Jamie Foxx channels Ray Charles superbly. Jamie�s performance is uncanny, and so good that Ray�s old friends and even his own son were convinced. The film takes an honest look at Ray�s heroin addiction and adulterous behavior but also offers ample evidence of his genius, with enthralling performances of his most loved songs. I was impressed by the attention to detail (check out Jamie�s piano skills) and the obvious love of the music that went into this movie. While the film itself is a great reason to watch this DVD, the extras are a welcome bonus. One featurette of note explains how Jamie met with Ray to prepare for the role and eventually received his blessing. There are extra scenes, extended musical numbers, a tribute to Ray, and the requisite commentaries. If you want to see an inspiring film about a great American musician, here it is. [Mathew Brady]